Plugable, stackable, self-contained, and fully secure grow solution. 

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Plug and Play

Cultivation Grow System

Florida based Can It Pods provides the only Plug & Grow system for high quality indoor cultivation. Each Can It Pod is a fully customizable environment for hydroponic, aeroponic or soil-based growing, allowing for total control of temperature, CO2, lighting and humidity. Can It Pods are built using made to order containers. We condition each container to guarantee structural integrity and then fully outfit them with hi-end, agricultural lighting, irrigation, CO2 systems and controls.

Can It Pods are the only stackable, scalable, self-contained and fully secure indoor grow solution. You can skip the months of planning, construction and frustrating delays that come with a conventional build-out of a large facility. Building out a new structure could take years, our pods will take months. The amount of money that you can make during the time you save in construction is far greater than the dollars spent on the construction itself. Save time and money, grow in Can IT Pods.

Custom layouts

Built to suit!

Design Layout

We meet with you and design a layout that suits you.

Project Management

Our team works with you to make sure your deliverables are met.


It can be customized to your specs to maximize the value of your real estate and your crop.


Our pods are built to last and endure harsh weather.

Let us help you design your next cultivation

We can customize our pods to fit your grow needs and have you up and running in no time.