About us

Florida based Can It Pods provides a simple assembly pod to create whatever type of indoor environment.  You need a house quick?  You need an office?  You want to open a restaurant?  You want it for agriculture?

Our Mission

We can make a house, an office, a restaurant, storage or customize for whatever your needs are.

The Process

Delivery, foundation, assembly, and equipment install.


With Can It Pods, the day your order arrives, we assemble and customize your units on your property so you can start growing as soon as we are done. Stack them and take advantage of your cubic foot capacity. Nothing protects your plants and your investment like Can It Pods. With your floorplan and building specs in hand, we’ll create the optimal layout of Can It Pods for your facility. The entire cultivation cycle, from clones to curing, is laid out for efficient process flow and maximum yields. Let us provide you the ultimate indoor vertical farming solution – we’ll deliver it to your door, build it on site for you, and install all the equipment so all you have to do is turn on the lights.


You can skip the months of planning, construction and frustrating delays that come with a conventional build-out of a large facility. Building out a new structure could take years, our pods will take months.  You can have a pod up in hours.